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Parenting Services Roseville, Sacramento, Lincoln,

"Parenting is our wildest adventure in vulnerability!" 

                                                                           ~Brene Brown~

Parenting Services Roseville, Sacramento, Lincoln, Rocklin

Parenting Services

The WisdomPath Way Parenting model assists parents with skill-building in relation to parenting while understanding and integrating the child's neuro-developmental stage. Many parents struggle with knowing how to guide, teach, and protect their children and often focus on behavioral management techniques. These techniques fail very often, leaving parents feeling helpless in what to do with their children. WisdomPath Way encourages brain-based learning and understanding of where the child is and how to effectively engage them.  The focus is on relational enhancement as well as creating awareness for parents of the child's age appropriate learning capacity.  We teach parents how to be "teachers" and "helpers" in their children's lives and when it is effective to be the "boundary keepers" and/or "boss's" when disciplining. For more information visit the WisdomPath Way website at www.wisdompath-parenting.com.

Regardless of the age of your child/children, as parents we have a legacy to leave behind. It’s difficult to be a teacher in the lives of our loved ones without a lesson plan or some guidance. The relational wounds can become harder to heal as they become adults.  Allow me to assist you with the most important relationships in your life and create a legacy that you would be proud to leave behind.

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